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Stay a Step Ahead of Identity Theft Scams

The average American possesses and hands over a great deal of personal information: credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords, etc. Unfortunately, scammers recognize how much personal information is out there and see a booming business opportunity. These thieves are crafty and they can get your information from you before you even realize it’s gone.

How to Move Into Your New Suite

Moving to an assisted living facility is another one of life’s many transitions. It’s your chance to live within a comfortable and safe environment, all while maintaining your independence. At The Healthcare Resort of Plano, we’re eager for our new guests to arrive and become acquainted with their living spaces as soon as possible. Moving and […]

Five Fun Date Nights in the Plano Area

Whether you’ve been married for 25 years or just dating for a few weeks, setting time aside for a date night can help you maintain a healthy relationship. Your plans can be as simple as dinner and a movie, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. The arts, sports, nature, and more can feature in […]

How to Keep Young Athletes Safe From Heat Illness

How to Keep Young Athletes Safe From Heat Illness Kids benefit tremendously from summer sports. They’re a great outlet for exercising, building relationships, and instilling confidence. But in hot weather months, extra care needs to be taken to ensure that young athletes don’t overheat while they’re out in the sun.

Tips for a Healthy Fourth of July Party

Father’s Day has been celebrated and June is nearing its end. That means it’s time to start planning for the next big holiday: the Fourth of July! Whether you’re gathering with a few close friends or planning a potluck with the neighbors, you can take steps to have a healthy Independence Day party. Here are […]

Three Smoothie Recipes to Make with your Family

When you want a cold, sweet treat it can be easy to reach for a big scoop of ice cream. While the delicious delight is good in moderation, ice cream isn’t always the healthy choice. The next time you want a nice treat, for dessert or even with your breakfast, try making a smoothie. Getting […]

How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad

When it comes time to planning your vacation in a foreign country, you’re probably focused on the adventures you want to have and the memories you will make. But anytime you travel, you can’t take a vacation from your health. Traveling outside of the U.S. may require even more planning for your health to stay […]

Five Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

When you think of the word health, you may think of clean eating or intense workouts. However, taking care of your mental health is also important to living a happy and healthy life. But what exactly is your mental health? Mental health includes emotional, psychological and social well-being, MentalHealth.gov says. Many factors can contribute to mental […]

How to Prepare for Severe Weather: Safety Tips for Thunderstorms and Tornadoes

In the spring and summer, severe weather in Texas can create situations that can threaten your family’s health and safety. At times, thunderstorms and tornadoes seem to strike without warning. Besides staying informed by listening to your local news channel, there are several other precautions you can take to make sure your family is safe […]