Enjoy Our Resort Amenities

The Healthcare Resort of Plano will soon open its doors to the community. The resort is set to change the way healthcare is delivered to the DFW Metroplex through a fusion of world-class healthcare and personalized hospitality. Our friendly staff is prepared to put your needs first during your stay at the resort.

From the front door to your residence, the resort has been designed to accommodate your lifestyle to make your stay a comfortable experience. Our facilities complement the great service of our staff. Read more

Healthy Game Day Recipes

With football, basketball, soccer and more, food and game day are a perfect pair. No matter where you’re cheering, keeping your family and friends happy with game day snacks is a big part of the experience. Putting a healthy snack on the table, however, can be difficult. Some popular game day dishes are very unhealthy, and your audience may be too busy focusing on the game to think about making smart choices. Read more